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A Perfect Summer Day in Cayucos

We live in a bubble of manufactured experiences. Most things are oversold and under-deliver. It’s far too easy to get caught up in modern living and forget about the humanizing power of a perfect day outdoors. However, with a simple plan and a gorgeous setting like Cayucos, it’s possible to construct a day you will never forget. Here’s your blueprint for magical coastal memories…

1) Bring Friends

Pack your best buddies and leave your worries at home. Sing along to your favorite songs and swap stories while you all cruise down Highway One. Roll the windows down and let the ocean breeze slide in as you coast into Cayucos. Pause and consider your beautifully blank canvas – you’re all here together, and it’s a gorgeous day.

Instagram photo by @aliiiveee

Instagram photo by @aliiiveee

2) Frolic in the Waves

Wade into the Pacific Ocean and you’ll quickly recall your favorite pastime–playing! Jump over, dive under, roll with and ride along the ideal Cayucos surf until you’re too tired to keep laughing. Remind yourself you need to do this much more often as you stride across the beach to grab a quick lunch.

3) “Treat Yo Self”

Plenty of delicious dining options hug the Cayucos coastline, so it’s easy to relax and refuel after your beach fun. You can’t go wrong with a few smoked fish tacos at Ruddell’s SmokeHouse, and Brown Butter Cookie Company will make you wish you saved more room for dessert.

Instagram photo by @brownbuttercookiecompany

Instagram photo by @brownbuttercookiecompany

4) Watch the Sunset

Despite what your TV is telling you, the greatest show on earth is and will always be a California sunset. The curve of Cayucos State Beach makes the shore feel like a grand theatre for this daily spectacle. Watching the sun sink into the horizon makes for a perfect end to the perfect day.

Instagram photo by @brycesaysaloha

Instagram photo by @brycesaysaloha

Summer In Cayucos: Fan Highlights

It is officially summertime here in Cayucos! The weather is beautiful, the sand is warm and the smiles are abounding. We have lots of fans sharing their fun and beautiful memories with us on Instagram. Check out these photos from people enjoying themselves in Cayucos so far this month!

Instagram photo by @bkgarceau

Instagram photo by @bkgarceau

Instagram photo by @childlikeempress

Instagram photo by @childlikeempress

Instagram photo by @jakeagphotography

Instagram photo by @jakeagphotography

Instagram photo by @kpotenti

Instagram photo by @kpotenti

Instagram photo by @miss.sara.anne

Instagram photo by @miss.sara.anne

Instagram photo by @nicolerounsavall

Instagram photo by @nicolerounsavall

Instagram photo by @onekelly

Instagram photo by @onekelly

Instagram photo by @shol0ve

Instagram photo by @shol0ve

Instagram photo by

Instagram photo by

Instagram photo by @wphotologic

Instagram photo by @wphotologic

The History of Highway 1, The Road to Cayucos

Instagram photo by @kiera_giovanini

Instagram photo by @kiera_giovanini

Cayucos, as we know it, nestled between a sparkling ocean and the iconic rolling hills of the Central Coast, is part of a history that dates back to the early 1900s. Highway 1, the scenic, coast-hugging highway that stretches from Orange County to north of San Francisco, has been bringing California drivers to beautiful destinations for decades—one being our breezy, seaside village of Cayucos.

Once deemed an impossible project, the idea of a highway that connected California’s coastal towns all started in 1894 when a ship, the SS Los Angeles, wrecked near the Point Sur Light Station. When Dr. John L.D. Roberts, a medical doctor from the Monterey area couldn’t reach the wreck site in any less than three and a half hours to help the injured sailors, he was adamant about the need for a way to get from town to town more efficiently. A powerful state senate ally and a $1.5 million “Military Highway Bill” proposal later, the construction of Highway 1 began in the early 1920s.

31_Northern Hwy 1 Coast 2Despite the difficult terrain and extremely dangerous conditions, road workers met each and every challenge. The highway was built in stages, the Big Sur to San Simeon region being the first to open, and was therefore not completely opened from north to south until 1964.

After decades of hard work and dedication, Highway 1 came to be what it is today, 655 miles of breathtaking scenery and ocean-side charm. So take some time to appreciate the long and winding history of this long and winding road next time you’re heading to Cayucos.



In Case You Missed It… Eroica California 2016 Recap

Instagram photo by @steezeman

Instagram photo by @steezeman

A combined passion for vintage bicycles, beautiful geography, and tasteful food and wine brought 850 cyclists from 29 different countries together for Eroica California 2016. Due to the huge success last year, this vintage bicycle ride and festival, paying homage to cycling’s historic roots born in the Italian countryside, was extended to three days, taking place from April 8 –10, and included two new features—a vintage bike swap and an 85-mile coastal route.

Instagram photo by @steelvintagebikes

Instagram photo by @steelvintagebikes

The bike swap allowed riders to meet other participants, sharing the history and stories of their bikes, while also getting the parts that they needed for the ride. As participants were only allowed to ride bicycles made before 1987, the bike swap came in handy for some riders with broken or missing parts.

Along with the 38, 65, and 120-mile routes, a new 85-mile coastal route was introduced this year. Returning Eroica riders were more than happy to take on a new route while new riders were mesmerized by the scenic tour of one of the most alluring coastlines in California. Riders on the new coastal route as well as the 120-mile route got the opportunity to take a breather and experience Cayucos’ laid-back beach vibe before heading up the two climbs that awaited them shortly after.

Instagram photo by @bethwellie

Instagram photo by @bethwellie

Beautiful and challenging, Eroica California 2016 was even more successful this year, increasing their participation by 20 percent from last year and having riders from as young as 15 to as old as 83. Attendees were extremely impressed by the festival’s food and wine selection, as well, and felt it truly completed the event after a long day’s ride.

Cayucos was happy to be a part of this historic event and welcomes adventurers of all kinds—head to Cayucos to find yours!

For more information about the event, visit



Animals To Look For When You Visit Cayucos

There are hundreds of animal species to see when you visit California’s Central Coast, and Cayucos is home to more than 400 species alone. Here are a few for animal lovers to keep an eye out for when you’re visiting! 

1. Gray Whale


Don’t miss the incredible migration of the gray whales right from the pier, from the many whale-watching tours in the area or from the Estero Bluffs. April is the best time of year to see female gray whales with their newly born calves.

Fun Facts

-A full-grown gray whale can be up to 50 ft. long!

-Newborn gray whales can weigh up to the equivalent of 10 baby elephants.

-Some gray whales can live up to 70 years!

2. Peregrine Falcons

Head to Estero Bluffs for the best view of these fast-flying birds as they zoom around Morro Rock and make their way back towards Cayucos in record time.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 11.59.35 AM

Instagram photo by @jenniferhopephotography

Fun Facts

-They are the fastest flying birds in the world with the ability to dive at over 200 mph.

-They have been known to live as long as 15 years.

-They were once on the endangered species list in the mid-20th century because of pesticide poisoning but since then have made a remarkable recovery!

3. Northern Elephant Seals

Take a quick day trip up the coast to catch a glimpse of these extraordinary sea mammals basking on the Piedras Blancas beautiful 6-mile stretch of shoreline.

Elephant Seals_Adult males fighting

Fun Facts

-They can hold their breath for over 100 minutes.

-They can move faster than most human beings on sand dunes.

-They get their name from their large proboscis, or snout, that resembles an elephant’s trunk.


4. Hermit Crabs and Sea Anemones

Walk the scenic Estero Bluffs trails and make your way down to the tide pools to see a remarkable community of beautiful sea critters.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 12.02.59 PM

Instagram photo by @hermit_crab_colony

Tide Pool Tips

-Check the tides – the best time to see these creatures is during low tide.

-Make sure to wear appropriate footwear, as the rocks and seaweed surrounding the pools tend to be slippery!

-Tide pool animals tend to hide under rocks so make sure to do a thorough search. Patience is usually rewarded.

-Remember not to touch the living animals to lower the chance of harming them. You can still enjoy them by looking from a distance!

Cayucos is a flourishing habitat for animals of all shapes and sizes from the smallest hermit crab to 50 ft. whales. Whatever adventure you choose in Cayucos, make sure to make these fascinating creatures a part of it!


Eroica California Is Back

Part vintage road bicycle ride, part festival. Nostalgia, heritage, sweat, fatigue, nature, history, accomplishment. This is Eroica, and it’s coming back to the Central Coast for Eroica California 2016.

bikersThe History

The L’Eroica (“Heroic”) cycling tour was started in 1997 by Giancarlo Brocci who wanted to revive vintage cycling and its connection to Italian history, heritage and culture. He wanted people “to rediscover the beauty of fatigue and the thrill of the conquest.” All participants ride vintage bicycles (“Bici Eroiche”) – that is, road racing bikes built in 1987 or earlier – and dress in period clothing.

The Ride

california map

Because the 2015 inaugural Eroica California ride was such a success, the event is returning once again to our very own Central Coast. Participants sign up for one of four different routes, ranging from 38 miles to 120. Riders on the 85-mile Coastal Route and 120-mile Heroic Route will be taking a rest stop in Cayucos on Sunday, April 10 before they head up the 7-mile gravel climb to Santa Rita Creek.

The Festival

Along with the ride is a vintage bicycle festival, taking place from April 8-10 in Paso Robles. The festival will include a vintage bicycle fair, swap meet and music in the park, kicking off on Friday and running through the weekend. Saturday’s festivities also involve Concours d’Elegance, an event showcasing the best vintage road racing bicycles owned by collectors. Early Sunday morning, riders will depart in waves then return throughout the afternoon and evening, celebrating with a post-ride meal at 8:30pm.

Head down to Cayucos to experience what is shaping up to be a world-class event! For more information, visit

Grab Your Girls and Hit the Coast

Feel like you could use a quality girls’ weekend away? No matter which direction you’re coming from, Cayucos is a perfect meeting place to stay for the weekend, relax and have fun with your gals.

Check out our proposed itinerary:

Spa Morning at Illuminate Spa and Boutique 

The perfect place to start your day is at a relaxing day spa. Illuminate offers airbrush tanning, organic waxing, full body detoxifying steam sessions, massage, skin care, body treatments, make up services and lash extensions.

Get your Tan On


The Cayucos State Beach offers miles of soft sand, perfect for laying out with a book and cold iced tea. Just a bonus, you and your friends can bring your dogs too!

Travel Back in Time at Remember When Antique Shop 

This antique shop is great for strolling around with your friends and searching for something unique. You never know what you could find!

Search for Sea Glass on the Beach

beach-glass copy

Cayucos is known for washing up some beautiful sea glass on the beach. Collect some sea glass and craft with your girlfriends to make special gifts and one of a kind jewelry.

Your Ultimate Cayucos Spring Break Checklist

Are you ready to have a fantastic spring break adventuring around one of the cutest hidden gems along the Central Coast? Use this guide as your checklist to all the best activities Cayucos has to offer!

Kayak Along the Coast

Kayaking is a perfect way to view the beautiful coastline of Central California. Get up close and personal with wildlife like dolphins, sea lions, otters and sometimes even whales! Head to Good Clean Fun to schedule a kayaking tour with one of their guides.

Cayucos Mural Society Tour

Walk around town while touring the beautiful historic works of artists throughout Cayucos. These nine historic murals can be found on walls dedicated by merchants and local citizens. Many of the murals depict environmental issues and topics important to the Cayucos community. Download a map of all the mural locations, grab an ice cream and enjoy a free outdoor art gallery!

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 11.24.46 AM


Fun Shopping – Cayucos Pharmacy

Don’t let the thought of a plain old pharmacy scare you away from this funky gift shop! Along with being a running pharmacy, the Cayucos Pharmacy offers a wide variety of quirky gifts and gadgets.





Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 11.21.28 AM


Bike Rides Along the Estero Bluffs

The Estero Bluffs are home to kelp forests, tide pools and a variety of other ecosystems. Look out for red tailed hawks, sea otters and California red-legged frogs as you bike along the picturesque paths that overlook the Pacific Ocean.




Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 12.42.13 PM


Captain Cass’s Historic Walking Tour of Cayucos

Cayucos was founded by Captain James Cass in 1867 as a shipping port. When he settled here, he built several structures now historic to the town of Cayucos. Captain James Cass, along with his partner Captain Ingals, built the pier, a store, a warehouse, and the Captain’s house. From the pier, you can walk to Captain Cass’s house that still stands on the Northern side of town. You can also visit the warehouse that has been converted into a community center and is available to the public.

Book your spring break trip quick so you don’t miss out on all the fun!

Sea Glass Festival Returns to Cayucos!

Calling all sea glass enthusiasts, jewelers, artists and crafters alike! The 6th Annual Cayucos Sea Glass Festival is coming back to Cayucos on March 12-13. Vendors from around the world will be showcasing and selling their beautiful sea glass collections, sculptures, jewelry and much more. This event is one of the most popular yearly events held in Cayucos.

beach-glass copy



The outdoor local marketplace will be open on Saturday from 10am-5pm, and Sunday from 10am-4pm. Come check out beautiful sea glass collections and creations while enjoying local food, beer and wine. Shop around while you listen to the rhythms of local bands playing live music. Entrance to the marketplace is $5. Come out and appreciate some beautiful works of art made from the bounty of the ocean.






You can also enter to win a $1,000 Cayucos getaway grand prize from the Cayucos Sea Glass Festival. The prize includes a $750 voucher for a Cayucos motel, B&B or vacation rental, as well as $250 in gift cards to Cayucos eateries and retailers.

Book your stay now as many hotels and vacation rentals tend to sell out fast during this exciting weekend.

Here are some more pictures of sea glass and the beautiful creations they become a part of!

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.07.07 AM


Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.11.34 AM


Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.13.32 AM


Your Perfect Valentine’s Day in Cayucos

With Cupid’s day of love right around the corner, there’s no better place to plan all your romantic festivities than Cayucos! Spend your love-filled Valentine’s Day experiencing some of these local favorites:



Couples’ Massage at the Cayucos Sunset Inn Bed & Breakfast

The Sunset Inn is the epitome of a romantic getaway in Cayucos. This beautiful B&B inspired by the French countryside will have you swooning as soon as you walk in the doors. Indulge in one of their spa amenities and get a couples’ massage to start off your day. You can even add a bottle of sparkling wine or bouquet of flowers to your private suite. The Sunset Inn also offers a Romance Package, which includes rose petals in your guest room, champagne or sparkling cider, and chocolate dipped strawberries. For all of their spa packages and room reservations, visit Cayucos Sunset Inn.

Cayucos Cellars Tasting Room

In the heart of downtown Cayucos is Cayucos Cellars, a fantastic local wine tasting room that is part of the Pacific Coast Wine Trail. Cayucos Cellars is a family owned and operated winery offering some of the best wines from the Central Coast. Spend your afternoon sipping on a glass of chardonnay in the tasting room which is just steps from the beach on Ocean Ave.

cayucos cellars


Schooner’s Restaurant & Bar

With fantastic lunch and dinner menus, cocktails, and a panoramic view of the ocean, what’s not to love about Schooner’s? A local favorite, Schooner’s is a classic beach town restaurant with delicious seafood, burgers, and steaks. Make your dinner reservations for the only ocean-view bar in town, enjoy a handcrafted cocktail, and dine on fresh oysters while you watch a beautiful sunset over the ocean.





Brown Butter Cookie Company

Finish off your perfect day by taking a romantic stroll down Ocean Ave. to Brown Butter Cookie Company. Picking up some of their Original Brown Butter Sea Salt Cookies is a must, or try one of their many other flavors like espresso, honey or gluten free cocoa mint. Share a bag (or get your own!).