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Cayucos Adventures

Your California Coast Outdoor Adventure Awaits In Cayucos!


By land, sea, or air your outdoor adventures in California await you here.

If you’re looking for adventure on the California Central Coast, you found it! Cayucos isn’t a place you just visit – it’s a place you experience! With miles of gorgeous coastline and mountainous terrain, any adventure seeker will be thrilled with their options. What will you choose?


Adventure By Land – Mountain Biking, Hiking and More…

Do you prefer having your feet firmly planted on the ground – or bike pedals? Whether you want to shred the hundreds of miles of bike trails or you’d rather hike and backpack the various terrains, Cayucos has you covered.

Plus, if you like to get crazy with ATVs, quads and dirt bikes or you want to hit Old Creak Road on your road bike, then Cayucos has what you’re looking for.


Ocean Adventure – Kite Surfing, Kayaking and More…

Do you yearn to be one with the sea? Cayucos is renown for year-round surfing and kite surfing. You won’t want to miss your chance to find yourself – or lose yourself – along the beautiful California coastline in Cayucos. From surfing and paddle boarding to kayaking and kite surfing, Cayucos can quench your thirst for open sea adventures.



Adventure By Air – Hang Gliding, Skydiving and More…

If you love the wind screaming past your face and want a truly spectacular birds eye view of the California Central Coastline, then you won’t want to miss this. Cayucos offers amazing hang gliding, paragliding, and skydiving opportunities. You truly can’t say you’ve lived until you’ve experienced the breathtaking views of our gorgeous coastline!


California Central Coast Adventures

If you’re looking for outdoor adventures on the California’s Central Coast and Cayucos isn’t on your itinerary, you’re missing out on an opportunity of a lifetime! Your memories are waiting – what adventures will you choose?


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